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Serving the Chicago land Since 1993

1320 East Sibley Blvd.
Dolton, IL 60409

About Us

The inspiration initially started when the decision was made to train in Germany as a meat processor. In learning all the gourmet secrets of making sausages and mixing spices, he used his ingenuity, combining both the Italian & Greek flavors which gave him a new taste and an added edge that would eventually help him when he reached the United States!! Upon arrival, Jakub immediately realized that he created a unique blend of sausage that quickly gained popularity and grew in Chicago as a fast food product since the company started in the 1993!

Originally dubbed “THE MAXWELL STREET POLISH SAUSAGE” which emphasizes his unique blend of sausage on a bun with lots of grilled onions, a touch of mustard, and a few hot peppers. In minutes, you could walk and eat & finish shopping!!

In this fast-paced retail shopping & bargaining mecca was the place to be starting way back in 1939. Shopping started down Halsted St from Roosevelt & 12th street to Maxwell Street South was known as Jew Town, visitors & shoppers nicknamed this unique style of sandwich the “JEW TOWN POLISH” & people would stand in long lines that moved so quick you could get a quick meal in 10 seconds, there was no sit downs, you either went back to your car or finished shopping while eating, this is the tradition that Jakub founded his niche in, in the early 1990’s.

Jakub open his 1st Location on Racine & Roosevelt in 1993 on Chicago’s west side, after 3 years there in 2001, he moved the business to it’s current headquarter on West 87th St where he manufactures, and retails his unique sausage blend at this location to date, in 2005 he opened the 2nd location in Dolton IL. JJ Sausage, Inc. to serve as a staffing incubator to manage the start up locations.

Later the 3rd Calumet Park location was the first to open a licensed unit. With 4 locations today & 4 locations scheduled to open before the end of 2013, we are on our way to reach our goal of 20 locations on or before our March 31st, 2014 deadline.

Jakub takes pride in the way hes served Chicagoan’s for over 20 yrs and has never changed the way he makes his unique blend of sausage!! Now you can take part and become successful in the legacy that continues to be a part of Chicago history now…and in the future!!!

So to all new and inspiring licensee owners…. here’s to your growth and success!!

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